Jonathan Meese “Erz General Red Parsifal”

Jonathan Meese

Erz General Red Parsifal

(February 21, 2013 – April 10, 2013)

 Jonathan Meese at the chocolate factory! One of the most expressive and spontaneous European artists has changed the Red October Gallery interior drastically for just three days. Meese is famous for the fact that most of his projects are site-specific. The artist kept the idea secret and handing the Red October over to him the organizers of the exhibition couldn’t even imagine what authentic tiles and cast-iron columns of the former chocolate department would inspire him for. The only thing certain about the exhibition was its title: Erz General Red Parsifal.

The material chosen by the artist for the installation is the wrapping film. Wandering around the semi-transparent labyrinth visitors discover brightly painted self-portraits, sculptures and pieces of video art.

The German artist could be called an extremist in art. In his every work and numerous manifestos Meese is promoting the cult of art and predicts its dictatorship on the Earth in the nearest future. The large-scale installation at Red October reveals all sides of Meese’s personality. Behind the meters of bubble wrap one finds a great charisma and insane energy inherent in all Jonathan’s art.

 The title of the exhibition is meaningful. The Erzgeneral is the Evolution leader, the Metabolism-Soldier of Art. The Word “Red” stands for Total Alert, being totally fit for Art duty, for (R)evolution, red is always the color of Love, Fight(red, white , black are the three colors of precision) and power. There is of course also the reference to Red October, the Space of Total Art, the Room of Laws of Art… Parsifal shows the future: Dictatorship of Art.

Meese lives and works in Germany, He works in almost every genre of art: painting, sculpture, video, installation, performance. He participated in Berlin biennale in 1998, his personal exhibitions were hosted at every continent. Works of the artist are in the collections of Pompidou Centre, Saatchi Gallery and other institutions. Meese designed the sets for Wolfgang Rihm’s Salzburg Festival Dionysus and he was also chosen to direct the opera “Parsifal”, for the Bayreuth Festival 2016.

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