Red October Gallery

 On 4 September 2012 the new a new not for profit art gallery opened at the site of the Chocolate Factory “Red October” in Moscow.  The Red October Gallery has been established by the GUTA Group, in partnership with well-known gallery owner Vladimir Ovcharenko.

The main objective of the Gallery’s founders is to create a unique exhibition space in the heart of Moscow which it is hoped will further promote the development of contemporary art in Russia. The opening of the gallery will become an important event for the cultural life of Russian capital.

This unique art space has already hosted many different major art exhibitions and events (such as COSMOSCOW Art Fair, charity auctions “Help Krymsk” and “Naked Hearts”, Jannis Kounellis, Semyon Faibisovich and Sergey Bratkov’s personal exhibitions).  Since its opening in September 2012 Red October Gallery hosted a solo show by Vladimir Arkhipov “Homemade Russia”, Charity Auction “Help Krymsk”, large-scale installation by Ilya&Emilia Kabakov “Monument To a Lost civilization”, Group show of young Russian Artists “Reload”, site-specific installation of Jonathan Meese “Erz-General Red Parsifal”, pop-up exhibition of Valery Chtak “It’s Not a Nightmare” and a group show of Semyon Faibisovich, Alexander Brodsky and Olga Chernysheva “Dog’s  Life”.

Red October Gallery has opened with Vladimir Arkhipov’s solo exhibition called “Homemade Russia”. Vladimir Arkhipov has been collecting unique artifacts for many years, objects made by ordinary Russian people. The phenomenon of “Do It Yourself” is international; however, in Russia it has become widely popular. According to the artist, this activity was a kind of direct reaction to living in Russia: “Each person who can make something with his hands prefers to make something small and concrete rather than uniting with others to change lives”.  The exhibition “Homemade Russia”  featured more than 100 works collected by the artist.

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